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ABOUT Neurotoxins

Our clinic has all those aesthetic services that will amaze you, as our aim is to make you perfect. Your wrinkled skin is treated here in such a way that will leave you overwhelmed, as we have effective Neurotoxins treatments. From Botox cosmetics to Jeuveau, we provide you with the best aesthetic services. Those crow’s feet and frown lines that cover your beautiful face will be treated here with regards to your skin health. All the underlying muscles are being treated here with care, giving you smoother skin and a perfect profile. At Apneet Aesthetics, it’s our sole priority to make you flawless.

OUR Products



Injections of Botox are commonly used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Average Cost : $240 - $480



Jeuveau or “Newtox” is an injectable neurotoxin that is similar in structure to botox. 

Average Cost : $220 - $440