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The issue of facial fat is quite prevalent among most people and is often considered an unpleasant feature by many. Hence, it is a potential barrier when it comes to maintaining a facial congruence and may also affect a person psychologically as it is a prominent reminder of one’s age and weight.

Scientifically, a “Double chin” is nothing but a collection of lipids (fats) below your chin which is usually a harmless phenomenon. Still, at the same time, it is pretty unpleasant to look at. Facial fat generally occurs in the middle-aged or in youth who are obese or overweight. Besides, specific chronic metabolic conditions, like metabolic syndrome, can also result in facial fat. Overall, it impedes your appearance by adding a negative dimension to your face.

Though the fat generally develops on the face slowly over time and once it is thoroughly developed, it is highly impossible to get rid of facial fat through exercise and diet. Lastly, the double chin worsens with increasing age and gives a dull and not so youthful appearance to any individual.

So, we here at Apneet Aesthetics now offer a prescription medication Kybella double chin near me to help improve your appearance and resolve all your facial fats issues.

What is KYBELLA, and how does it work?

Kybella treatment, chemically known as ‘Deoxycholic acid’ or ‘Cholanoic acid,’ is a non-surgical, injectable prescription drug composed of naturally occurring secondary bile acid produced by the liver and gallbladder secreted through the metabolic waste products of human intestinal bacteria. Generally, bile acid has many essential functions, including absorption of vitamins, breakdown of cholesterol, and digestion of fats. Significantly, the deoxycholic acid’s function is to break down and digest the fats.

Thus, as approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Kybella injection is primarily used to treat moderate to severe lipids in your chin area (submental fats), commonly known as “double chin”. For which it has a simple mechanism of action. When Kybella is injected into your submental region (below your chin), it destroys the excess fat cells, thereby reducing the appearance of your “double chin”.

How is Kybella injected?

After taking your complete medical history and signing the consent, our practitioner will schedule you for the procedure. In advance of your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to stop taking supplements, aspirin, or ibuprofen before your procedure to reduce any bruising or inflammation that might occur during the process. You will also be asked to clean-shave your chin and neck area the morning of your scheduled appointment.

During the procedure, our provider will prepare you, following which the provider will numb the site of injection by using the local anesthetic solution. Next, the provider will mark the injection site, and then Kybella will be directly injected into the superficial fat of the neck by our provider.  The provider will inject Kybella chin treatment through multiple, around 20-50 tiny pricks in the submental area. Since the needles used by the provider are very thin and tiny, it is a relatively painless treatment. These needle pricks will be spaced one centimeter apart with a 30-gauge or smaller 0.5-inch needle. Also, the use of ice packs or numbing cream will ensure your comfort. Each procedure takes roughly 15-20 minutes only.

What is the duration of the treatment?

This procedure usually requires two to four sessions for four to six weeks, depending on the amount of fat deposition in the submental region.

How is the recovery process after the treatment?

Since this injecting procedure is not a major surgical procedure, the recovery process is quite swift. Most of the patients return to their routine within a day or so. But to see the before and after changes, it will take around four to six weeks. The results are usually long-lasting, and usually, no further/ additional treatment is required as the destroyed fat cells can no longer store fats. So, even though you gain weight in the future, you have very little chance of developing a double chin.

Who should not receive a Kybella injection?

This treatment is not preferable for people with an existing infection or skin condition in and around the chin area, as the drug may interfere with the healing process. Also, this treatment is not advised for nursing and pregnant women. Also, consult our doctor to confirm if you are the right candidate if you have a history of neck lift, facelift, or liposuction procedures.

What are the potential side-effects or risks associated with Kybella?

Unlike any other cosmetic procedure, the use of Kybella is also associated with a few side effects, the most common being swelling, tenderness, numbness, lumps, bumps, redness, and regions of hardness in the site of treatment. The area of the injection of Kybella may remain inflamed for 2-3 days and Kybella treatment cost is the best at Apneet Aesthetics.

However, very rarely, an injury to the nerves in the jaw, trouble swallowing, hematoma (pooling of blood at the treatment site), or necrosis (death of the tissue at the treatment site) may occur. Hence it is advisable to follow up with our consultant regularly.

How will this treatment cost?

Depending on the amount of fat in the submental region, a patient may require two to four sessions, and for each session, the doctor may utilize one to three vials of Kybella. Therefore, the cost of this amazing treatment may vary from person to person. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is Kybella treatment a safe procedure?

As Kybella is approved by the FDA and obtained naturally, it is an entirely safe procedure. Portraying the best clinic for fillers in California USA, Apneet Aesthetics will provide top Kybella treatment.