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Meet Apneet Mann.


Your Beauty Refined

Clinical provider and skincare expert

Apneet Mann is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is also a skincare expert. She has always been interested in aesthetic skincare and thus, made it her goal to help her clients achieve confidence in how they look to live and love their life, from the inside out.

With an experience of 10+ years and a passion for the health of your skin, Apneet strives to bring the clinical approach to her customized treatments, fit for your skin because this largest organ of your body is unique to you and requires the unique care it deserves.

At Apneet Aesthetics, she creates treatments catering to your specific skin type and condition. She uses only the finest ingredients in her treatments- from anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne to Botox, Juvederm, Medical grade peels,  and Microneedling treatment+PRP; she does it all.


10 Years of Experience

It’s time to get comfortable in your skin all over again, with the most trusted aesthetician in town.

Modern Technology

Receive the love and care with world-class gears that are subtle on your skin.

Professional Aesthetician

Start a beautiful journey under a team of qualified and trained professionals.

Happy Customers

It’s all smiles and laughter here at Apneet Aesthetics.

I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful to Miss Apneet for providing me with such an amazing treatment. I had chosen the Botox treatment at this ethnic clinic for those crow’s feet I was having beside my eyes. It has been almost six months since the treatment, and my face still looks the same, without any kind of imperfection as crow’s feet on my skin. I’m so glad I visited that clinic; it’s just flawless work they’re doing.

Dino Sergio

This clinic is literally a magic place. I entered the Apneet Aesthetics clinic with scars of acne on my whole face and came out with all clear skin. Each session with them makes me feel more and more beautiful. Their microneedling treatment endured me with new confidence. I really recommend their aspiring treatments to everyone who’s seeking out there to look perfect.

Elizabeth Rowe

I’m so glad I chose their treatment for the hyperpigmentation and fine lines on my face, as their skin health services are beyond exceptional. I must say the Apneet Aesthetics clinic is best for medical-grade peels. They made my face glow, removing all imperfections that could be called fine lines. It’s such a pleasing experience to adapt their treatment. 

Lisa Sommer